Asepsis Products de Colombia S.A.S. Proasepsis SAS is an organization created in August 1986, with extensive experience in the Colombian Hospital market with important projections and plans to consolidate a leading role in the field of Infection Control and Patient Care products. This company was born with the idea of ​​creating an organization that will specialize in providing health professionals in the country with a series of products aimed at and oriented towards all areas of care, with special emphasis on Asepsis and Comprehensive Patient Care. . Asepsis Products de Colombia S.A.S. Proasepsis SAS manufactures products for cleaning, antisepsis, disinfection and cosmetics in its own facilities, complying with Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices. We also import and market medical-surgical devices for solving healthcare problems.


Providing to healthcare, institutional, industrial and home sectors a product range for cleaning, antisepsis, disinfection, medical-surgical devices and medical equipment with the highest quality, at fair prices and excellent service.


Consolidate and boost strategic alliances to increase profitability and productivity, reduce costs, reorient workforce talent, grow product portfolio and distribution channels both locally and abroad and achieve recognition as a company with social responsibility

Integrated Policy

(Quality – Environmental – OSH)

  • To satisfy customers and groups of interest needs and expectations by guaranteeing high quality standards, with innovative and timely service in our products supply and processes.
  • To be focused on continuous improvement and achievement of our strategic objectives.
  • To have a qualified staff highly committed to their functions, sticked to our self-care culture through health promotion, prevention and control of conditions representing risk in the processes.
  • To make rational use of economic and natural resources.
  • To prevent posible situations causing damage to people, product and environment, promoting and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment, based on control and minimization of environmental, economic and social risks.
  • To comply with legal and corporate requirements.


Our achievements

We grow and improve day by day for you


Certificates in quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 with BUREAU VERITAS  Certificate CO22.05269 dated February 03, 2022.

Proasepsis, within its corporate social responsibility, has worked for several years with the District Environment Secretariat, in the corporate environmental management program. In 2019, obtaining the highest award for business environmental excellence as an ELITE company, being a benchmark in the district environmental ecodirectory.

For the following years, we will continue our commitment to the environment.


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